When choosing a hybrid publisher, consider the following guidelines from the Independent Book Publishers Association. Our team has made a very active effort to ensure that our publishing practices meet the Independent Book Publishers Associations’s standards.

A hybrid publisher should:

  • Define a mission and vision for its publishing program.  At Red Penguin Books, our mission is to empower authors to achieve their publication goals. We firmly believe in ‘changing lives, one book at a time’, and take pride in partnering with authors from around the globe and in all walks of like from start to print, bringing their stories, messages and ideas to the world through digital, print and audiobook publication.
  • Vet submissions. Authors who submit their work for consideration to Red Penguin Books should have a clear sense of vision with their writing, along with publishing goals which align with our own. Submissions are evaluated based upon different criteria depending upon the author’s personal, professional and publication goals, and we are proud to work with authors of all genres.
  • Publish under its own imprint(s) and ISBNs. We are not a ‘self-publishing assistance’ – we publish under our own imprints here at Red Penguin Books.
  • Publish to industry standards. Industry standards are important to us at Red Penguin Books, and while some books may require their own particulars – most especially poetry and art books – all adhere to publication requirements.
  • Ensure editorial, design, and production quality. Our books go through several edits along their path to publication, including line edits, formatting edits, and 2 complete print-out to literally “red pen” the copies, as there is nothing quite like having paper in hand to make edits
  • Provide distribution services. As our authors each have different publication and distribution goals, Red Penguin Books has worked to get our authors books placed everywhere from bookstores and libraries to specialty stores, schools, medical offices and major organizations.
  • Demonstrate respectable sales. Along with book sales, we have been proud to have our authors win many book awards, attain #1 New Release status, and watch their rankings – and sales numbers – grow. Our book sales – and successes – come from many areas, ranging from online to brick-and-mortar book and specialty stores, distribution to educational organization, corporate sales, licencing, and the sales each author makes from the print books we acquire for them wholesale, as well as the digital sales from their own chosen websites, which we can set up for their own profit. Each author is different, and we strive to get their books to the best possible channels to achieve their goals.
  • Pay authors a higher-than-standard royalty. Our very generous royalty splits give the author a bigger cut of the proceeds, as is so well deserved. With fewer ‘middlemen’ such as book agents, our authors can better benefit from the fruits of their labor.