At Red Penguin Books, we offer a variety of publishing programs to authors who come to us from a range of different places on the road to publication, with needs as varied as ghostwriting, editing, formatting and promoting their books. Authors—and prospective authors—write in many different genres, and have different book goals, from personal to professional.

While most authors and prospective authors come to Red Penguin Books for paid publishing services, we do have a select number of authors whose books we strongly believe in and wish to partner with more fully. For these select authors, we offer to waive all publication fees, as we believe that books sales and exposure will benefit our author as well as ourselves as a publishing company.

Writing a book is the adventure of a lifetime, and Red Penguin Books takes pride in giving our authors a publishing experience that is stress-free and celebratory all the way. We LOVE books, and we love to partner with our authors to bring their books to the wider world.

At Red Penguin Books, we offer options and opportunities that are unique in the world of publishing, and all of them are designed to keep you—the author we so deeply respect—in the driver’s seat. Unlike other publishing houses, at Red Penguin Books our authors:

  • retain ALL copyrights and ownership of their manuscripts. As policy, when we lay out and format your book and cover, you will receive copies of all of your files.
  • receive a downloadable press kit as well as an author’s webpage on our Red Penguin Books website to post upcoming events, book links, photos, videos and more—anytime!
  • are included in all of our Red Penguin Books promotional activities, including television appearances, regular email and social media postings of their books and book-related events, book reviews and worldwide book distribution.
  • benefit from generous book royalties – 50% of net book royalties for all books sold through our distribution channels—and special pricing of print books delivered to them anywhere, which they can sell at whatever price they wish.
  • retain all creative rights—and give us their final approval on cover design, book layout, pricing—everything that affects their book.
  • can be published and printed in record time—generally just one month from the time of final manuscript approval!
  • media appearances on shows hosted by Stephanie Larkin as available to promote your book.

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