“The Roaring ’20s” From The Red Penguin Collection Edited by JK Larkin


Are You Looking For a Collection that Roars as Loudly as the Exciting Greatest Decade?

Journey through the last hundred or so years of history as “The Roaring ‘20s”, an anthology for the greatest decade and all that have come and gone since, takes you from flappers and speakeasies to hippies and beaded doorways. With the next “twenties” still more ahead of us than behind, we could all use a little escape back to the glistening, dangerous, and thrilling world that once was.

Featuring the works of the following writers:

  • David Lange
  • Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl
  • Eric Wayne
  • Amanda Montoni
  • Debbie De Louise
  • Olivia Arieti
  • Terri Paul
  • Elaine Donadio
  • Anita Haas
  • Robert A. Morris
  • William John Rostron