“The J.D. DiPalma Collection” by J.D. DiPalma



How To Be Mediocre: The Best That Never Was
Doug was just another guy in just another band making music in just another basement in Long Island. But, after years of living the “rockstar” life, his parents are ready to snap him back to reality. Even his dad, who made his own music back in the day, is starting to worry about him.
But, just as Doug is about to pull the breaks on his career and focus on his work as a teacher, a chance encounter with the girl of his dreams inspires him in a new song, better than anything he had ever written before.
Will Doug continue on this momentum, and risk it all for one last chance at turning music into a “real career,” or will his doubts and fears get the best of him?

It comes when you least expect it …

Shots With Mom And Dad
Two estranged brothers, a whirlwind European tour, and a bottle of Jack Daniels filled with their parents’ ashes … what could possibly go wrong?
From the bathroom at Kennedy Airport to the red-light district in Amsterdam, Daniel—a tightly-wound drug-busting detective, and his brother Wade—a stay-at-home dad, navigate their rocky relationship while trying to fulfill their parents’ last wishes … and stay out of jail, enticing bedrooms and each other’s hair in the journey.