“Discovery” by Jan Domagala

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE   By the mid-twenty-fifth century after decades of war over the colonisation of planets between the Colonial Confederation and the Elysium Alliance, an alternative to the

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“Her Word” by Izzy Hodder

CLICK TO PURCHASE Her Word tells a story. A well-known story that’s not being told enough. Combining both fictional and non-fiction accounts of sexual harassment and assault, Her Word tells

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“Ronin” by Jan Domagala

  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE In the first of this thrilling sci-fi adventure series, we are introduced to Kurt Stryder, a Special Forces soldier assigned to Col Sec, Colonial Security.

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“Trapped Inside Humanity” by Bernice Burgos

Master Anu Du’Shun has spent his entire existence researching and educating himself on supernatural creatures; separating the myths from the facts. His discoveries lead him to explore information about a missing angel, that was sent to Earth by the Devine Right, solely to protect humanity from genocide and

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“Runaway at Sea” by Margreit Maitland

A naïve plan to run away and cruel misfortune puts twelve-year-old Robert and his best friend Michael on a British naval vessel. When the boys are found huddling at the bottom of a lifeboat, they are forced into service and their hopes for an easy passage are crushed. Now they must figure out how to survive in this

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