While we do publish many books on a variety of difficult subjects, there are some which we will not publish. Our mission is one of inspiration—not victimization—and we hope to change the world for the better through book publication.

To that end, we will refrain from publishing works that:

  • Glorify the victimization of individuals through pedophilia and incest
  • Allow criminals to profit via sales from actions that have harmed others
  • Mistreat or slander individuals on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or appearance
  • Demean others sexually through pornography
  • Advocate treason

Our goals as a publishing house are to enlighten, entertain, encourage and empower, and never to demean, disrespect, or discourage our readers. We actively seek out authors who will partner with us in our mission to change the world for the better … one book at a time.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine when a submitted work has “crossed the line” into an area (or areas) outside our proscribed publishing parameters. That is why such works are submitted to our editorial board for final consideration. The collective decision of the board determines our course of action, and we ask authors to respect and accept their judgment regarding the submission’s conformity to this mission statement.