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These links actually have a much higher royalty percentage to you than others (Amazon takes 70%) so it is much better for your personal distribution.

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Amazon/Audible is NOT giving away codes any longer.
These Giveaway Codes are only for listening inside of the Authors Direct mobile apps and can only be redeemed at https://authors-direct.com/redeem/.
Authors Direct is currently only available for users in the United States, EU, UK, Australia, and Canada on iOS and Android (non-Kindle) mobile devices. We cannot support direct MP3 download, playback via desktop computers, etc.
The following retailers will allow your listeners to leave a review without having bought the book there: Apple, Google, Amazon (but not Audible), Kobo, Scribd (with free trial) and Downpour, in addition to standard review sites like Goodreads.
Giveaway Codes may not be sold or monetized (including kickstarter/patreon type deals).

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