My name is Elizabeth McMahon. I’m a sergeant with the Las Vegas branch of the Drug Enforcement Agency. From the day Agent Rodriguez was transferred to my command, he’s been a thorn in my side; but when he was transferred to Oceanview, Long Island, I knew that I would miss him. He was one of the best officers in my command. Unorthodox in his approach and like a dog on a bone when it came to cases. He’s taken down drug cartels south of the border, hopped-up meth distributors in Arizona, and organized crime bosses in Brooklyn. But nothing would prepare Rodriguez for what was about to occur in Oceanview. It’s as if the devil himself escaped from hell, but this devil is not called Satan or Lucifer. This devil in human form is named Zachariah. A sadistic aberration fueled by a combination of evil and mind-altering drugs. In his wake, he leaves victims killed for “sport.” 
Rodriguez must face this aberration head-on as the clock ticks away. Someone’s life hangs in the balance, an innocent who is caught up in this evil. Someone precious to him. Rodriguez has little time to put the pieces together to find Zachariah and end it. The deadline approaches and the night draws near. The night is Friday the 13th when the Cyclist Club meets. It’s the night to send Zachariah back to hell.