Each of the following is included with all of our publishing packages:

  • Registration of book with all major online booksellers and national distributors through Bowkerlink
  • Submission of  book to Amazon Kindle Unlimited or submission to Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Nook
  • Registration with Books in Print database providing global availability, including libraries and bookstores worldwide
  • Book and author web page at Red Penguin Books, including links to purchase pages for the  placement of book orders
  • Book and author pages at GoodReads.com, including links to purchase your book
  • A press kit ready to send out to interested parties, including book cover, summary, author bio and contact information

For greater visibility, the following options are available to our own authors, as well as those self-published or published elsewhere:

  • Amazon optimization – your keywords and categories will be researched and selected for maximum exposure at the world’s largest bookstore. This will result in higher Amazon rankings; our goal is to have your book appear in the top 100-500 in 2 categories.
  • Online promotions – including email blasts, sales promotions, Kindle countdowns and more. Your book will be included in Red Penguin Book email blasts, along with other book promotions, such as Kindle Book Promos, Book Circle, Publishers Weekly, Book Bub, and others. While we cannot guarantee acceptance into any one particular promotion, you are guaranteed at least 10 online promotions during the promotional period.
  • Book reviews – numerous reviews often signal the difference between a book that doesn’t move and a “hot item”. Our Promotion Plus package guarantees 5 book reviews for your book.
  • Social Media – your book will be promoted on over 50 social media book sites. These can be timed during your launch period, a price promotion period, or simultaneously (we recommend launching with a price promotion to build excitement and an audience for your book.)
  • Custom Website – development of a personalized website highlighting your book, your other personal and/or business endeavors, book purchase links, press kit download link, photo galleries, events/book signings, reviews and more.
  • Social Media – development of social media graphics and dedicated pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and/or Twitter as needed.
  • Book Awards – your book will be submitted to five specialty book awards for consideration, depending upon subject matter and availability. Of course, awards are not guaranteed – only submissions.
  • Book Reviews – in order to garner the widest audience for your book, we will arrange for a minimum of 15-20 reviews for your book.
  • Book Signings/Launch Parties – Red Penguin Books can arrange book signings and events at a variety of venues, from bookstores to boardrooms, restaurants to reception halls. Whether you want a simple signing with a reading and/or talk or a fully catered event, we can take care of your book event needs.
  • ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) – Books can be made available prior to launch for special readers and reviewers, as well as arranging pre-orders to pad your launch date effectively with links and reviews.
  • Media Packages – TV and radio interviews, press releases, newspaper articles and other media promotions can be arranged, with fees dependent upon the size and scope of your media needs.

Additionally, a Book Promotion Strategy Development Session can be arranged to work on the following:

Amazon Visibility

  • Before the meeting, the author sill supply the title, subtitle, current categories and book description for research.
  •  Various Amazon algorithms will be explored so that the author is presented at the consultation with statistical evidence of the searching and purchasing rates connected with different categories and keywords.
  • Additionally, the cover image, title/subtitle and description will be discussed in light of top-selling books in the genre, in order to capitalize upon shopper expectations.

Online Promotions

  • The author will be presented with a questionnaire before the consultation to complete, focusing upon the types of online promotions and social media platforms the author has utilized in the past.
  • Future online promotional methods will be presented – including KU, sales promotion, audience building, lead magnets, book reviews, Kindle Countdowns, etc. – along with any pros/cons, such as price, availability, ROI, time element, effectiveness, etc.

Offline Promotions

  • The author will be presented with a questionnaire before the consultation to complete, focusing upon the types of offline promotions and distribution methods the author has utilized in the past.
  • Future offline promotions will be presented, such as events and signings, bulk sales, additional distribution possibilities, etc.

While it is unreasonable to think that the author will leave a consultation session with complete knowledge of all book promotional possibilities and how they relate to the book in question, the author will most certainly receive:

  • A detailed listing of related keywords and categories, and the statistics illustrating the amount of competition vs. the number of searches for the terms, to assist in choosing the most lucrative ones.
  • Suggestions for possible alterations in the book description, cover and title/subtitle, supported by illustrations from the top-selling books in the genre.
  • A detailed action plan for future online and offline promotions, focusing upon those that will best propel the author towards the discussed book goals.